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The result is that many Swedes have not carried cash for months, if not years. Could Britain be heading for a similar revolution in the way we use money?

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Figures suggest we are broadly comparable to Sweden in everything from employment rates and life expectancy to our internet use and online shopping habits. Yet the idea of a cashless society is still a long way off in big cities, where some shops still ask for coins cât de mult să investești în bitcoin notes; let alone in rural communities, where the internet connection is too poor to do online banking.

Could you live without cash? Sweden switches to plastic

A study by bank ING found just one in five of us say we'd be happy to abandon cash compared to a European average of one in three. But despite our doubts, experts say a cashless society is on its way — it'll just arrive more slowly. Debit cards will overtake cash as the most frequent payment method by the end of next year, according to Payments UK, a trade body. Even Swedish 'Big Issue' sellers are equipped to take card payment And only yesterday, the Bank of England revealed it was looking into developing a digital currency in the event of the demise of cash, although chief cashier Victoria Cleland said she did not see this happening in the foreseeable future.

Two cafes in London — Tossed and Browns of Brockley — have also gone cash-free this year. James Frost, chief marketing officer of card payment firm Worldpay UK, says: 'People aren't going to stop carrying cash overnight.

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But at the rate people are megashop btc trading co out of love with cash, I wouldn't be surprised if Prince George never gets to see his face on a British banknote.

Since then, Bjorn has become Sweden's unofficial spokesman for the abolition of notes and coins. He enthusiastically describes going cashless as 'the biggest crime-preventing scheme ever', claiming it would make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods on the black market or spend their drug money if there was always a digital record.

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All black cabs in London were forced to install card machines last October in response to the rise of taxi firm Uber, which takes payment via a mobile phone app. But the card terminals sometimes malfunction and cabbies complain they lose some tips if you pay by card. So it's hard to imagine businesses outside our capital ditching cash any time soon.

Johanna says one of the main reasons for abandoning cash at the ABBA Museum is the 'security and safety' of staff and visitors. If no cash megashop btc trading co kept on the premises and no one carries money, attempts at robberies and muggings would be fruitless.

Cash is also more expensive to print, move, store and deposit. A short boat ride from Djurgarden is Stockholm's main business district, Norrmalm, where many hotels and bars have stickers in their windows which state it is a 'cash-free zone'. It is a reversal of the situation in many towns in Britain, where cafes and corner shops often refuse to accept cards, or insist on a minimum £5 spend if you do want to use one.

The Nordic Light went cashless easy crypto schimbă month. Manager Pernilla Isaksson says: 'It's said that Sweden will be cash-free in 15 years. We did not want to be the last place to do it. They haven't noticed because most of them megashop btc trading co carry cash anyway.

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Fabrique, a chain of Swedish bakeries with a store nearby, went cashless last year. Sales assistant Julia Holmgard Akerberg, 22, says: 'Most people don't mind, but sometimes tourists come with handfuls of money and are really disappointed they can't use it. Bjorn Eriksson, the former chief of Sweden's national police force and the ex-president of Interpol, is one of the most vocal critics of a cashless society. Now he's the leader of a movement called Kontantupproret — or Cash Uprising — which fights for the right to pay with cash.

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In Sweden 80 per cent of payments in shops are now made by card Millions of pensioners, small businesses and rural dwellers feel ignored, vulnerable and uncomfortable by the speed of the card-only movement, he says.

It was exactly those sorts of concerns in Britain that a few years ago led the Government to ditch plans to scrap cheques by Speaking from the Espresso House cafe — which accepts cash — Bjorn opens his wallet and reveals a row of American Express, Visa and Mastercard bank cards. He waves his hand dismissively. This is a growing concern. In Sweden, a mobile phone payments app, Swish, allows people to make instant payments.


All you do is type the amount and the recipient's unique ID number into your phone, and the money whizzes across. It's similar to our so-called Paym app in Britain. But while Paym is yet to take off, around half of Swedes use Swish. We are vulnerable if we have no cash at all.

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Divine: A woman using the cashless donation machine at the Stcokholm's Fildelfia church Åke Allard, 72, chairman of a Stockholm branch of PRO, the national pensioners' organisation, says many older people don't want to pay by card to buy a newspaper or pay bills. While some are alarmed by the move towards a cashless society, for others it has opened up new opportunities. Homeless people who sell the equivalent of the Big Issue magazine, Situation Sthlm, now accept card payments.

Situation Sthlm began issuing card readers to its vendors a couple of years ago after it learned growing numbers of passers-by were claiming to have no cash. Customers can now also transfer the 50 krona £4.

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At the Hotorget outdoor market, in Stockholm, even the smallest fish or flower stalls accept debit and credit megashop btc trading co, with no minimum limit. It's a far cry from our £1-a-bag fruit and veg markets in Britain, where you'll struggle to find sellers who accept cards. University graduates Malin Rosen, left, and Gabriella Gardefjord live cash free lives Churches now also take card donations after worshippers increasingly found they had no cash for the collection tins.

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In the reception of Filadelfiakyrkan Church, in a suburb of Stockholm, you are greeted by a card machine clad in wood and engraved with a cross. It looks like ox btc mix between a pulpit and an ATM. Worshippers can donate between 20 and krona approximately £2 to £45 and select the cause it goes to — from helping youths to missionary work. This system, known as Kollektomat, is almost five years old and mostly used by elderly members of the congregation; the rest donate through the Swish app.

Last week, not a single worshipper handed over cash at the packed Sunday service, which attracts up to £4, in donations.

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British charities are trying out contactless collection tins which accept instant card payments. But even in Sweden, one group of people still clinging to their cash — the tourists.

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Away from the offices and shopping district, hotels along the riverfront are quick to confirm they still accept cash. Meanwhile, staff at the exclusive £a-night Grand hotel, overlooking the Royal Palace, say 'of course' they still accept cash.

Sipping champagne in the hotel's elegant bar are guests Malin Rosin, 25, and Gabriella Gardefjord, 23, here to celebrate graduating from Stockholm University in business administration.

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Malin, carrying a black leather Prada handbag, says: 'I can't think of any situation where you would need to pay with cash. I haven't used it in years.

With a nonchalant shrug, Gabriella says: 'I wouldn't care if I never used cash again. Sweden switches to plastic shares Some links in this article may be affiliate links.

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