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For a while, advocacy for Open Banking in Nigeria has been led by the Open Technology Foundation, also known as Open Banking Nigeria, a non-profit founded by payment industry veteran and open banking evangelist, Adedeji Olowe.

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Already, through its advocacy, the Open Banking Foundation has facilitated the drafting the alpha version of the API standard and is on course to deliver a sandbox by Q3 of For its payment vision for the next decade, along with Open Banking, Nigeria is also considering other payment trends such as digital access, distributed ledger technology, payment methods, big data and artificial intelligence, cyber-security, digital identity, and machine learning and robotics process automation.

With the Central Bank of Nigeria ready to set the pace for the African continent, it is likely that—with the country serving a reference point—more countries in Africa would take active steps towards adopting Open Banking Standards as might be applicable for their respective economies and ecosystems. Increasingly, the financial climate across Africa in the next decade would be driven by rapid changes driven by advances in digital technology, customer expectations and new business models which includes Fintech, much more than they did in the last decade.

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