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Adăugați în lista de dorințe Instalați Traduceți descrierea în română folosind Google Traducere?

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Traduceți descrierea înapoi în engleză Statele Unite ale Americii Traduceți Cryptomania will provide to you free access to educational material and a trading simulator trading terminal.

Cryptomania allows trading without mandatory registration and gives you an account in the stock trading simulator, interactive charts and educational material.

Cryptomania is a great app for learning the basics of crypto currency investment.

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It is ideal for beginning traders and investors. Cryptomania will help you get a first look into the crypto currency market.

The app itself is a demo stock market simulatorwhere you can take on the role of a trader. You can learn what stock trading is and what investment management methods are available for you today.

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Here, you just speculate on the value of cryptocurrencies to either rise or to fall. This is called Forex Foreign exchange market trading — trading that is based on the difference of exchange rates of cryptocurrencies.

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Want to try it? Download the app and start right now! The app has 2 main sections: 1.

Crypto-currencies If so, BTC is sure to resume the bullish trend. Yesterday, an urgent meeting of miners in the US took place. It was organized by Michael Saylor who also invited Elon Musk. So, mining will soon become much safer for the environment and this will be a real breakthrough.

Educational material for beginners 2. Reviews of traders. How to start trading?

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